The ACDFA Archives is housed at Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library at the University of Maryland, College Park.  ACDFA is listed in the Professional Organization Archives of the Special Collections in Performing Arts. 

The archived material includes:

  • correspondence beginning in 1973
  • Minutes from Board of Directors meetings
  • Regional Conference information, including concert programs
  • National College Dance Festival information, including concert programs
  • Gala videotapes and DVDs* 
  • ACDFA Newsletters beginning in 1976
  • Press coverage
  • Handbooks
  • Miscellaneous historical documents 

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*PLEASE NOTE:  The ACDFA national office does not have copies of regional and national gala concert recordings.  All requests for viewing and/or copying recordings should be made directly to the library.  In no case will copies of dances be made available without written permission from the choreographer.


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