National College Dance Festival

CONGRATULATIONS to Dance Magazine Awardees and Honorable Mentions
Following are the selections with comments from the Awards panelists
Suzanne Callahan, Daniel Singh, and Jennifer Stahl:

Outstanding Student Choreography:
Undergraduate student Alexis Renee DeVance made powerful choices in the work’s theme and content.  It connects the past to the present, artistically and through themes.
The student took a big risk with bravery and commitment.  It was performed with the integrity that the work deserved. Every element involved attention to detail, particularly the music, including the choice of "Wade in the Water,” Nina Simone’s performance of "Strange Fruit," and even the sounds of steps and voice.  The energy was sustained throughout the work.

    Salt.Rose.Witness. (excerpt), University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Outstanding Student Performance:
Dancers:  Anthony Carrillo, Alejandro Iván Casillas, Magín Betsaida Cervantes, Annalysa Cruz, Elizette Davila, Ricardo Flores, Abril Galvan Silva, Zeidy Enedy Garza, Angel Hernández, Aracely Longoria, Mónica Martínez, Isaac Peña, Jessica Peña, Miguel Ángel  Peña, Ana Pinedo, Guillermo Rivas, Max Iván Tijerina, and Mónica Vargas

The panelists loved the performers’ cohesion as an ensemble.  They played off of each other and the audience. They performed complicated footwork combined with sense of ease in the torso.  The performance came from a place that felt real and authentic. The dancers brought humor and high energy into their exchange with each other and the audience.

    Nuevo León, University of Texas-Pan American; Choreography:  Ariadna Pérez García assisted by Miguel Pérez García (Guest Artists) /restaged by Francisco Muñoz III (Faculty)



Dancer Scotty Hardwig conveyed clear intent and connected with whomever he was dancing. He was versatile in his interpretation of the movement vocabulary. He was comfortable dancing with a range of performers and in solo.
    Disappearing Days (2013), University of Utah; Choreography:  Eric Handman (Faculty) and the dancers



Choreographers Chelsea Brown and Bethany Disque (Undergraduate Students) for the relationship that was set up between the dancers through movement, which was innocent, and believable and at times humorous.  
    If only I knew, University of Maryland, College Park



Dancer Kara Brody for her power and sense of attack
    Hissy Fits, Wayne State University—Maggie Allesee Dept. of Theatre/Dance; Choreography:  Dwight Rhoden (Guest Artist)



Dancers George Elmore, Matumbe Himons, Kurk Nance, James Mose, and Tyler McCants. This group conveyed a nice energy, full luxurious movement and effective use of stillness.
    Beyond/Him, The University of Southern Mississippi; Choreography:  Meredith Early (Faculty)



Till the End showed controlled movement and quietness in a restrained and powerful way. Jennifer Florentino and John Michael O'Neill navigated difficult partnering sequences with an impressive fluidity. Jennifer also displayed strong lines and controlled articulation of the legs and feet.
    Till The End, Point Park University; Choreography:  Jennifer Florentino & John Michael O'Neill (Undergraduate Students)



2014 National Festival Information
Registration for the National College Dance Festival is open to ACDFA members only.
Festival Dates: June 4-7, 2014
Performance Dates: June 5-7, 2014

Performances take place at 2:00pm and 7:30pm at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.  Tickets will be available for purchase on April 21, 2014 through the Kennedy Center Box Office.   Participating schools will be listed below as information becomes available.
The National Festival, normally a biennial event held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, showcases dances selected by the adjudicators from each of the regional conferences based on their outstanding artistic excellence and merit. The primary objective of the National Festival is to highlight, on the national level, the outstanding quality of choreography and performance that is being created on college and university campuses. The National Festival provides this venue in three gala performances, presenting works from approximately 30 colleges and universities.

Selected Dances

Minor BodiesIndiana University
Tricheur, Menteur, Voleur, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Anam Chara, Wichita State University
Selected Alternates:
Let the Groove Get In, Northern Illinois University
Worn, Webster University


Till The EndPoint Park University
Salt. Rose. Witness., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Hissy Fits, Wayne State University Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance
Selected Alternates:
Uterus = Hysteria, Eastern Michigan University
Passage to the EndBowling Green State University


Consumption, East Carolina University
Acquiring Dawn, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
If Only I Knew, University of Maryland, College Park
Selected Alternates:
Inevitable Veering, Virginia Commonwealth University
From left:, North Carolina State University


Undigested Logic, Hampshire College
Phenomena, The Boston Conservatory

Before/After, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Selected Alternates:
Slight Displacement, Keene State College
Invited but unable to participate:
How did I get here?, Smith College

with baited breath, Columbia College Chicago
Impolite Society, Northwestern University
(renewed), University of Michigan
Selected Alternates:
Earth Song, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
War StoryMinnesota State University, Mankato

Oh My Love, Montclair State University
KEY, Muhlenberg College 
Prevailing Beauty, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey
Selected Alternates:
Introducing Mrs. Baxter, Adelphi University
A Separate Connection, Hofstra University

East, West, South then North, California State University, Fullerton
Girl Pool, University of Oregon
Selected Alternates:
HeartLines, Brigham Young University
He, She, Creating Simple, California State University, Long Beach


The Need to Be, Alabama State University
Beyond/Him, University of Southern Mississippi 
Selected Alternates:
Shame:  A Fragrance by Calvin Klein, University of Kentucky
Engendered Species, University of Arkansas/Little Rock
The Grid, Sam Houston State University
QuiverUniversity of Texas at Austin
Nuevo León, University of Texas / Pan American
Selected Alternates:
Hear I Am HeardNew Mexico State University
Seeking Momentum in the FleshTexas Christian University


Beyond This, Florida State University
Cranial Grafitti, Kennesaw State University
Super We, University of Florida
Selected Alternates:
Warning: Please read carefully, Davidson College
Fannie Lee, University of South Florida


Disappearing Days, University of Utah
My Mother & I, University of California Los Angeles
RUSH, LINES Ballet/Dominican University of CA
Selected Alternates:
They say before you die you see the light, Arizona State University
Choice of Thought, Scottsdale Community College

Conference Policies for the National Festival

  1. In a National Festival year, a fully produced Gala Concert comprised of adjudicated works must be presented.
  2. In a National Festival year, Gala Concert program for adjudicators will have no identifying information beyond title, premiere year, and music.
  3. The pieces chosen for the National Festival will be selected from those performed in the Gala Concert.
  4. All National Festival selections must be made following the regional Gala Concert to allow for a second viewing and for pieces to be presented with full technical support.
  5. All rules listed in “Adjudication Policies for Participating Schools” apply to works selected for the National Festival.
  6. Selection of works for the National Festival is the responsibility of the adjudicators.
  7. ACDFA strongly believes that overall excellence is the most important criterion in selecting dances for National Festival concerts. Quality of both performance and choreography must be considered for students and faculty/guest artist work.
  8. In National Festival years, the number of selections made from the regional Gala Concert for presentation at the National Festival is based on the number of pieces being adjudicated. The Executive Committee Representative will inform the adjudicators of this number and any other rules guiding National Festival selection.
  9. Adjudicators may also select one or two alternate works. 
  10. No more than one work from any one institution may be selected for the National Festival.
  11. Works must be selected for the National Festival in their entirety as performed for adjudication with no requirements for editing.
  12. An Executive Committee member or approved substitute must review decisions regarding the National Festivals prior to their announcement.
  13. National Festival Selections will not be announced until after the conference has concluded. They will be posted on the conference website within 24 hours after the conference concludes. 
  14. A high quality, accurate, color DVD documentation of the Gala Concert shall be provided by each Conference Coordinator. Appropriately labeled DVDs and a Gala program must be sent to the National Office immediately following the conference.
        1. Video waivers must be secured from the choreographers of works appearing in a Gala Concert and sent with the DVD directly to the National Office. Video waivers should be collected for all adjudicated works; only waivers for the dances in the Gala Concert should be forwarded to the national office.  All DVDs will become the property of the American College Dance Festival Association Archives